Systems Integration

One of the biggest challenges to e-learning implementations is integration with content/courses and other systems

Content Integration

We are fully fluent in the details of the AICC and SCORM standards. These standards allow integration among various courses and Learning Management Systems that are also compliant to the standards.

Systems Integration

A fully integrated e-learning system takes demographic data from HR systems, uses financial systems to pay for courses and track costs, and links with portal software to adapt the LMS to your environment, not the other way around. Our systems integration services first identify the connection points, and then we create batch processes or real-time processes to make these connections.

HR Systems Integration
SCORM integration between courses and LMSs
Packaging and integration of off-the-shelf libraries


  • PMP-certified Project Management
  • Long-term E-Learning Strategy
  • LMS Selection and Implementation
  • Internal Marketing Programs for e-learning
  • Helping Internal Teams Build Content